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Months ago, before everything in my life was turned upside down, my youngest daughter called,  “Hey mom, what do you think about going to New York City the week of Thanksgiving?”  My response, “Great!  I’d love to!”  Plans were made,  flights were booked and a flat was reserved for our big adventure.   My husband, my daughter and I were finally going to the Big Apple!   Then everything changed.  I was worried about leaving at that time.  Mom’s surgery was scheduled for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and although there really wasn’t much I could do I was still concerned about leaving.   My father and my other children convinced me to go. 

We arrived on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.   My daughter had been fighting a stomach virus for two days –  not a good start.  After arriving at Laguardia we hailed a cab (just like in the movies!) and soon arrived at our flat.  We had rented an apartment that we found on an exchange site.  Not quite sure what to expect we were pleasantly surprised to find a nice, clean apartment though very, very tiny.  The pictures, of course, made it look much larger.  The apartment consisted of one small bathroom, one tiny kitchen and one room that served as the bedroom, living room and dining room.  The foot of the bed was about six inches from the sofa which opened up to make the second bed – but we were in New York and that’s all that mattered.  Out we went to have our first look at the city.  We strolled around the area near our apartment, West 74th and Broadway, then found a deli and grabbed a bite of lunch.  My daughter, still not feeling well, was a trooper.  She ate a little soup but that’s all she could handle, so we headed back to the apartment to rest before meeting friends that lived in the area for dinner.  I was so afraid that all of the negative energy that had been smothering me for the last few months had followed me to New York, but once we stepped off of the subway and into Times Square everything changed.  I was in awe!  The lights, the buildings, the people – everything that I’d seen on television and in movies was laid out right before my eyes.  I fell in love instantly.

It was a wonderful time to be in New York City as it was decorated for the Christmas holidays and was lovely.  We got lucky in that the weather was beautiful.  The air was crisp, but not miserably cold (I’m a wimp so that was a concern).  We did all of the touristy things – took a tour bus ride, walked up and down Fifth Avenue, rode the ferry around the Statute of Liberty, went to Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho, shopped at Macy’s, visited museums and ate wonderful food at wonderful restaurants.  We visited Bryant Park (twice).  It was lovely with ice skaters and little shops set up for artists to sell their goods.  We took a tour of City Park in a carriage as the most wonderful man from the Ukraine pulled us on his bicycle pointing out places of interest and entertaining us with stories of the park.  We took in a Broadway musical (Wicked – loved it!) and a Broadway play.  But most of all, I felt normal again.


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