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Recently, Hubby and I needed to travel to Uncle C’s hometown to take care of some business.  Yes, Uncle C, our 94-year-old relative is still with us.  He has good days and bad, one moment he is dying and the next he is talking about driving to Alaska, taking an Alaskan cruise and driving back.  Our destination was this tiny town in Illinois.  The nearest airport was 2 hours away and the closest hotel room was 40 miles.

As we left the airport and the hustle and bustle of the big city, the scenery quickly changed.   There was only farmland as far as the eye could see.  Although we were in the dead of winter, it was beautiful – peaceful.  There were no busy highways, no high-rise buildings, no traffic jams or cars racing to beat you to the next light.  I felt as though I had taken a step back in time.    This was the heartland they talk about and I loved it!

We witnessed things we don’t see back home – a horse-drawn carriage crossed us, small towns with a population of five hundred, maybe a thousand.  There were no McDonald’s or Burger Kings, no malls or superstores.  There were mom and pop restaurants and stores like in the days of old, where everyone knew their neighbor and no one locked their doors.

We also saw things that made us laugh, like the gas pumps in front of the old store that looked like three little aliens staring at us.


Or how about this sign.


We don’t see that where I live!

But as much as I loved it, there are just things I would have trouble giving up – like the warm weather of the South.  Twenty-two degree temperatures just don’t work for me.  I’m a little Southern girl through and through and I just don’t handle cold well.  Or the cell phone service – no 4G where we were, it was “E”.  What is that?  I could not even get a picture to go through.  Call me spoiled but that E was just plain sloooooow.

But the people were friendly and helpful and we made it home safely.  I am thankful that we were given the opportunity to visit Uncle C’s hometown, but I’m  happy to be home, even with the hectic life I’m living.


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