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On May 14, 2016, my mother finally found peace in the arms of our Lord.  My father, my sister and I were all with her, holding her hand, rubbing her arms and telling her just how much we loved her when she took her final breath.  It was very peaceful.

The task of telling our eight year old granddaughter that Granny had passed fell on my husband’s shoulders.  She had been staying with us for about a month.  After sharing with her that Granny was gone he asked her thoughts.  My beautiful, intelligent granddaughter said, “I think everyone around Granny is sad.  But I believe Granny is on a great adventure.”

So now, whenever I feel down, whenever I am especially missing my mother I just look towards the heavens and say, “Mom, I know you are on a great adventure!”

I love you Mom.


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Dad was restless and unable to sleep so was up watching tv in the living room when the phone rang at two in the morning.  “Mr. L, this is Lifeline.  Your wife needs some assistance.  She said you were asleep in the other room with the twins.”  Twins??  What twins? As far as I know we don’t have any twins in our entire family.  

Dad rushed to the back of the house where he found mom.  Her colostomy had a “blow out” as dad calls it and mom was in the bathroom patiently awaiting dad’s help.  “Are the  twins still sleeping?” Mom asked.  Hesitating briefly dad responded, “Yes they are.”

Dad has grown so much on this journey through dementia with mom.  It certainly has not been easy for him.  It hasn’t been easy for any of us.  Acceptance has been the hardest part.  I think dad has finally accepted that there will be twins, there will be Martians on the roof and there will be dogs named Princess, even if they only exist in mom’s mind.  He has learned many things, but the most important thing he is learning is patience.  

And the most important lesson I am learning is that love and patience will get you through anything.

I love you mom and dad. You are my inspiration.



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It is great to feel loved and I have been one of the lucky ones who has always, always been surrounded by love.  But the look in my mother’s eyes when she looks at me now is different from before.  I’m not talking about the dementia eyes, those have faded.  Oh, I know she has always loved and supported me and I’m thankful for that.  But I see something different now, a softening in her eyes when she looks at me, love in her eyes and it warms my heart.  I know she waits for my daily visits, looks forward to it.  And when I arrive I am rewarded with a little smile and those eyes, “There’s Pomp!”, she says.  Pomp has become her nickname for me because she always knows when I arrive by the “pomp” sound the horn of my car makes as I lock the doors.  Funny, huh?  I feel so blessed.  And those loving eyes follow me as I move – I see them, I feel them.  When she is at my house she sticks close to me.  If I am out of her sight for a few minutes she will come and find me and her eyes watch me, follow me, love me.  I want to remember those eyes forever, the way they look at me with such love, before the dementia eyes return and become dead again.  Those loving eyes give me joy and peace and I treasure that.

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