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On May 14, 2016, my mother finally found peace in the arms of our Lord.  My father, my sister and I were all with her, holding her hand, rubbing her arms and telling her just how much we loved her when she took her final breath.  It was very peaceful.

The task of telling our eight year old granddaughter that Granny had passed fell on my husband’s shoulders.  She had been staying with us for about a month.  After sharing with her that Granny was gone he asked her thoughts.  My beautiful, intelligent granddaughter said, “I think everyone around Granny is sad.  But I believe Granny is on a great adventure.”

So now, whenever I feel down, whenever I am especially missing my mother I just look towards the heavens and say, “Mom, I know you are on a great adventure!”

I love you Mom.


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Last night for the first time in what seems like ages I had 20 minutes to myself.  My hubby was working late and Uncle C was watching the nightly news in the living room.  I snuck out to the patio, glass of wine and the new Southern Living in hand, and I just sat – flipping through the pages of the magazine and sipping my wine.  And it felt wonderful!  I left all of my worries behind.  No guilt feelings to mar the peace and quiet.  It’s amazing what such a small thing can do for your spirit.  It was lovely.

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